Hints how to actively spend your time:

Macha’s region, as well as its surroundings, is a great place for taking a rest. Enormous numbers of cultural monuments or sport activities can be found in here. Doksy, Kokořínsko or nearby Lužické hory are a great location where to spend your leisure, either by hiking or riding a bike. Your Pension is exactly in the middle of this region.

obrázek hrad [img]

We would like to offer you some tips on where to go for a trip. All places are accessible by car or on bicycle. Historical monuments are opened mainly during summer season. Detailed information about each particular monument can be found on their official websites.

  • obrázek Máchovo jezero [img]

    Máchovo jezero [6 km]

    Macha’s lake is a popular place for summer recreation. Visitors can use beaches accessible from Doksy and Staré Splavy. You can borrow pedal boats, boat or travel by steamer, use toboggan, play volleyball or foot tennis. For more information, click here

  • obrázek koupaliště Nedamov [img]

    Swimming pool Nedamov [4 km]

    Outdoor swimming pool is located in countryside of Kokořínsko and Machův kraj. Curiosity is the local summer cinema located in the area of swimming pool. Besides other things, you can borrow a boat, play volleyball or foot tennis or go fishing. For more information, click here

  • obrázek bazén Česká Lípa [img]

    Aqua park Česká Lípa [25 km]

    In year 2008 was ceremonially opened newly reconstructed swimming pool along with many water rides. We should mention toboggan, slides, massage beds, massage pool, whirlpool, pool and paddling for children, “Wild River” or steam room. For more information, click here

  • obrázek hrad Bezděz [img]

    Bezděz Castle [6 km]

    King’s castle of Bezděz is one of the most popular castles in our republic. Its characteristic shape with two towers on a hummock (604 meters above the sea level) creates memorable dominant of the region. For more information, click here

  • obrázek hrad Houska [img]

    Houska castle [5 km]

    Originally gothic castle was built in 13th century; however, after being rebuilt few times is counted to be a renaissance one. It was made accessible for wider public in late years of last century and since then it is a vivid place with many cultural events such as a craft fair, fencers’ battles, dances, presentations of crafts, singers and musicians, seasonal or permanent expositions and lastly weddings. For more information, click here

  • obrázek hrad Kokořín [img]

    Kokořín castle [19 km]

    Castle was built in a year 1320 and was inhabited until mid-16th century when was abandoned and as year passed it ruined. The original building was built on a sandstone rock. Ruins were reconstructed in the beginning of 20th century. For more information, click here

  • obrázek Skalní hrad Sloup [img]

    Rock castle Sloup [32 km]

    Medieval castle built on a rock is from a turn of 13th and 14th century. Many of its spaces serving for various purposes, like profane or sacral, has been built or curved into and on the surface of the rock. These installations are interconnected. For more information, click here

  • obrázek Zámek Zákupy [img]

    State’s castle Zákupy [27 km]

    Renaissance castle founded in 16th century is accompanied with a large park. Originally gothic stronghold from 14th century was rebuilt approximately in 1550 into a renaissance castle Berky z Dubé. In the last third of 17th century it has changed its form and became baroque. After that it was ruined and looted by Prussian soldiers and at the end of 18th century destructed by farmers. For more information, click here

  • obrázek Starý Bernštejn [img]

    Castle ruins Starý Bernštejn [5 km]

    Castle ruins are located in a village Vrchovany u Dubé. Castle was built in 1427 by Jindřich Hlaváč z Dubé; however, only ruins remained until nowadays. Castle is accessible after previous agreement with Mr. Novák, tel. +420 721 679 711 who is usually inhabiting the castle during the summer season. For more information, click here

  • obrázek Vrátenská hora [img]

    Vrátenská hill [29 km]

    The hill (508 meters above the sea level) is located 6 km from Mšeno. It is significant because of genuine flora. You can find there many protected flowers like Dictamnusalbus, Liliummartagon, Orchisustulata, Digitalis grandiflora or Daphne cneorum L.

  • obrázek Pokličky [img]

    Pokličky [31 km]

    Pokličky are sandstone pillars with so called pots’ lids – elements caused by a process of erosion of sandstone. Pokličky are located in protected area of Kokořínsko near to Mšeno.

  • obrázek roubenka [img]

    Villages’ memorial areas

    Area of Kokořínsko is characteristic for its villages’ memorial areas. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit these places.

  • obrázek koně [img]

    Horse riding [9 km]

    You can try your abilities of riding a horse in nearby riding hall in villages Vrchovany u Doks or Zakšín u Dubé. In Vrchovany there is a natural touristic riding hall that offers horse and pony riding during whole year. For more information, click here

  • obrázek cyklistika [img]

    Bicycle trips

    The area of Macha’s region is literally interconnected by dense web of cycle ways either in woods or tarmac roads. For those wanting to experience calm ride without any outer disturbance are meant cycle ways in wood where there is no car traffic.

  • obrázek turisti [img]


    In the area Ždírecký důl are many valleys changing with rock vantage points, where you can get a marvellous panorama. During trips you will encounter interesting rock structures, e.g. rock labyrinth near Mšeno.

  • obrázek rybolov [img]

    Sport fishing [5 km]

    A genial place for sport fishing is at the end of a town called Obora where there is plentifully stocked pond Pateřinka. Fishing licenses are sold on the spot.

  • obrázek tenis [img]

    Tennis in Staré Splavy [10 km]

    For all of you wanting tennis we offer a possibility of tennis courts in Staré Splavy. In a lovely area of Masaryk’s park in Doksy near Machovo jezero are located high-quality five clay tennis courts. Not far in Česká Lípa is a tennis hall.

  • obrázek paintball [img]

    Paintball [8 km]

    If you are not interested in day long sunbathing you should try a Paintball. On the main beach in Doksy is a shooting facility. You will be lent all equipment for free; you only pay for used ammo.

  • obrázek rychta [img]

    Pub Na Rychtě [16 km]

    Famous traditional restaurant in a timbered building from 18th century offers old Czech cuisine and specialties prepared from duck, rabbit, lamb meat or venison. There is almost vivid image of original environment of the building combined with delicious cuisine and relaxed mood. For more information, click here

  • obrázek krčma Dětenice [img]

    Medieval pub Dětenice [41 km]

    Medieval pub offers a lot of entertainment in form of dancers, witch burning or throwing knives at a target. Also the presence of jugglers, fencers, fakirs or beggars performing their roles shows you the atmosphere during medieval times. You will enjoy a variety of medieval specialties prepared on an open fire served without cutlery. Be prepared for tough medieval environment and shocking old Czech language. For more information, click here

  • obrázek zoo [img]

    Liberec ZOO [65 km]

    Zoo is an interesting place to visit. One of its specialties is the breeding of Panthera tigris tigris, which have white fur. Even though it is not so close to our Pension we strongly recommend this trip. It is worth seeing. For more information, click here

We hope that you will choose from some of the foresaid tips. Don’t be afraid that you won’t choose any because we haven’t included all possible ones. There is a plenty of other places that you can visit in our region. Don’t feel influenced by the above mentioned tips. We believe that you will enjoy your stay in our Pension and we are looking forward to meet you.